A good honour to have been studied at Saraswati College of Education. A place of advanced learning, and to have received this prestigious degree. I will make sure many youth will study here and get success...
Swati Geeta

 Swati Beeta

 Education is an essential tool for attaining sustainability. People around the world recognize that current economic development trends are not sustainable and that public awareness, education and training, are the key to moving society toward sustainability and skilled workforce. Beyond that, there is little agreement. People argue about the meaning of sustainable skilled workforce and balanced development and whether or not it is attainable. They have different visions of what sustainable societies will look like and how they will function for the balanced development. These same people wonder why educators have not moved more quickly to develop higher education toward sustainability programs. The lack of agreement and definition has stymied efforts to move education toward sustainable skilled workforce and balanced development forward.
It is curious to note that while we have difficulty envisioning a sustainable world, we have no difficulty identifying what is unsustainable in our societies. But we should not chide ourselves because we lack a clear definition of sustainability. Indeed, many truly great concepts of the human world among them skilled women workforce in the field of teaching, workforce in schools, economic growth, role of higher educational institutions in attaining employability and development of relevant professional competencies, collaboration between educational institutions and industry for skill enhancement etc. are hard and need to define these with the multiple expressions in cultures around the world. The seminar theme will ensure transform the society in new ways in different areas like education, innovation and technology, with references to relevant professional competencies, shaping employability and boost up the women’s skilled workforce, growth and development.


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