Saraswati College of education is governed by the management committee which is responsible for strategic planning and implementation of policy decisions in light of the new development in the field of education.

Name of managing committee:
1. Sh. Duli chand Deswal (Settler)
2. Sh. Surender Singh (Chairman)
3. Smt. Anita Devi (Vice-Chairman)
4. Sh. Suresh Sangwan (Secretary)
5. Sh. Joginder Singh (Trustee)

College Committee:
The functioning of college is carried out by the various college committees consisting of experienced faculty members as besides the members and student representatives. During each academic session students representatives. Are elected for these committees for each section. This helps in self-governance in the college.

The objectives of the college are as under:
1. To prepare highly qualified teachers and leaders in the field of Education.
2. To serve as a center of excellence and innovation in Education.
3. To provide professional and academic leadership to other institutions in the field of Education.
4. To provide vocational guidance and placement services to the professionals in this field.
5. To promote mass-participation in Education.
6. To develop and promote programmes of Education in the country.
7. To encourage and produce scientific contemporary literature in the field of Education.
8. To provide community services in the field of Education.

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