Our Vision:
To generate and spread knowledge based on modern wisdom, Indian culture and values to transfer the dreams and aspiration of the pupil- teachers to reality and develop a qualitative Centre in the field of teacher education.

Our Mission:
1. To develop competency and adaptability among prospective teachers.
2. To create awareness and affection for Indian culture through library study circles, morning assembly and practical training of yogic practices among students and teachers.
3. To provide a conducive environment for the development of an individual personality. We believe that performance has everything to do with and individual desires and determination to excel there by providing a platform to unleash the dormant facilities and talent within.
4. To encourage pupil-teacher to appreciative the natural and artistic realms of life.
5. To grasp and imbibe the complexity of moral issue while at the same time recognize the significance of technology in the growth of human civilization.
6. To understand and appreciates human difference in culture gender and race while at the same time cherish the Indian value system with a laid emphasis on the Indian culture, traditions and heritage, imbibing the best of the west at the same time.
7. To develop, enhance & improve the quality of human resources.
8. To develop responsible & best productive professional in the field of education for the development of the country.

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