Today’s world is the world of science and technology without science we are not surviving independently. Science mainly divide into two parts One study of physical world is known as physical science and Second study of living world is known as life science or biological science. The most essential element of science is experimentation. The purpose of the experiments is that students know through learning by doing.

Saraswati College of education C.V Raman Science lab develop according the guideline of ‘NCF’ starting that evaluation needs to be integrated with the learning process and routine activities, ad exercise going on in the class room need to be employed affectively to assess learning. It has also been recommended that the purpose of evaluation and assessment is necessary to improve the teaching learning process. Practical in science is the part of evaluation.

There are more than 20 practically completed by the student in physical science lab 10 physics and 10 chemistry as well as 20 practical of life science also completed by the student of life science 10 botany and 10 zoology. Formative evaluation completed at last day of the week.

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