Library is centre of information to support the teaching and research facility to the students and faculty members of the institute. Library provides various facilities to the user. APIIT SD India has an excellent well equipped air conditioned library facilitates ever increasing collection and a wide range of books on various topics. It also subscribes national and international journals regularly.

Sr. No. Titles No. of Books Sr. No. Titles No. of Books Sr. No. Titles No. of Books
 1  Total Books  12916 5  New Books  557 9  Encyclopedia  26
2  Titles  2121 6  Reference Books  903 10  Journals  12
3  English Books  5639 7  Authors  261 11  Newspaper  08
4  Hindi Books  7308 8  Dictionary  23 12  Magazine  12



• To help the parent body in fulfilling its objectives.
• To provide necessary information to all its beneficiaries in appropriate time,
• To acquire, organize and maintain its well balanced collection of curriculum related books and reference books in printed format.
• To facilitate internet access to all its beneficiaries.
• To offer a wide range of specialized information sources in order to support teaching learning and academic research.
• To provide current materials that will support and enrich class assignments and projects.
• To anticipate future needs and trends.
• Collection Development Policy

Selection of Information Resources:
• For the selection process, there is a Library Committee comprised of Principal, Senior faculty member as convenor, a few teaching faculty members and student representatives as members with Librarian who is responsible to place before the committee the list of publisher’s catalogues, book reviews etc.
• After going through these tools, the committee draws up recommendations for the procurements of books and journals to be acquired.
• While selecting the Information Resources, the needs of the users are considered.
• The selection of the books is done keeping in view the subject relevance.
• The budget is also taken into consideration while making selection.
• After going through all these, the list of the books and the journals recommended by the Library committee, is presented before the principal for final approval after which the books are to be acquired by contacting various publishers for the purchase.

Organization of Information Resources:
• After selecting the resources, they are to be organized.
• Organization is done subject wise and DDC is used as a tool for classification.
• The resources are further organized as Text books, General books, Reference books and some Rare collections.
• A computer based catalogue is also available for the users. A user can approach through author, title, subject etc. while selecting.

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