 To make students aware of Gender Equity
 To help students to change their mindset and attitudes towards life in terms of Women
 To encourage greater participation and to develop responsible and value oriented leadership in Female students
 To build a society with social and economic gender equality as envisaged in the Indian Constitution through social service.
 To reach out to Women in the Rural areas and make them aware of their Social and Legal Rights and to equip them to stand against gender violence and gender discrimination
 To create awareness, instill values and develop the personality and leadership quality in the members

Activities of Cell
 The grievances of staff and students associated with college related to facilities with personal problems and general disciplines are redressed.
 The report of the common interest dropped in the suggestion box is redressed.
 The department level grievances are attended by the concerned mentors along with the heads of the departments.
 Certain grievances at the departmental and association levels are referred to the grievance redressal cell of the institution and redressed.

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